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Hey, That’s Awesome!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Movie critic Stinson reviews the trailer to G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra.

Hey, That’s Awesome!: GI JOE

Dean and Me (now a major Motion Picture)

Friday, July 24th, 2009


My dog Dean was put to sleep a few days ago (really my parents’ dog.) I’m okay about it. Dean lived a long 13 years. So you don’t need to say sorry or nuttin’. But here are some of Dean’s highlights:

1. Dean chewed through an entire wooden column on our back porch so that the ceiling of the porch collapsed.

2. Dean knew immediately what item you treasured most, and then he would steal it. If I was about to leave the house, Dean would grab my wallet with his mouth and start running around the house. It would take several minutes before I got my wallet back.

3. One time, my friend Danny needed to jump his car that was parked in front of our house. Dean immediately stole the jumper cables from Danny and started running around the yard with the cables dangling out of his mouth. It took Danny a good hour before he finally got the jumper cables back.

4. When Dean was in trouble my Mom would scold him by calling out his full name: “Dean Smith Lathan, get back in here!”

5. Dean and I used to shoot hoops together. Dean would rebound my ball by jumping in the air and tracking it down with his paws. But instead of passing it, he would try to eat it.

6. Dean ate everything in sight (mostly stuff not intended for him) including: birthday cakes, entire sticks of butter, brownies, biscuits, and occasionally a pack of gum (which tricked him up a bit.)

7. Dean enjoyed playing in the mud and then jumping up on top of you and ruining your clothes.

8. My nephews and niece loved Dean (even though Dean was jealous of them and would try to knock them over.) We would go on hikes together, which mainly consisted of Dean dragging us around the woods in search of rodents and the perfect spot to pee.

9. Dean once rescued my Dad when he was really lost while hiking in the NC mountains. Dean ran up ahead, found some people and in perfect Lassie cadence barked at them: “Hiker is lost. He needs help. He is over there.”

10. I will one day write a memoir about Dean. It will be a #1 best seller and will eventually be made into a major motion picture staring one of the Wilson brothers (preferably Luke.)

Good Greek Trip

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


Niki and I just got back from island hopping in the Greek Isles like nobody’s biz. Well actually we just went to Athens and Santorini, but that still counts as island hopping in my book. Along the trip we learned a few things:

1. It’s bad if the name on your airline ticket (Rob Lathan) doesn’t match the name on your passport (Samuel Robert Lathan). I almost wasn’t allowed on the plane.

2. Some people are paranoid of cell phones, such as the cab driver to JFK. He demanded that we turn off our cell phones because he said the radiation hurt his back. Also, his AC didn’t work. Also, it took almost two hours.

3. Pack an extra set of clothing in case your luggage doesn’t make it (ours didn’t – so I wore the same clothes for 36 hours and Niki bought an over-priced dress and flip-flops.)

4. Niki and I would not win the Amazing Race. Every place we travel we tend to run into trouble, mostly brought on by yours truly. (See #1 and #3)

5. It’s harder to appreciate the beauty of the Parthenon when sweat is dripping in front of your eyes. But once you wipe away the sweat and dry off the pit stains, it’s pretty sweet….


6. If the hotel manager in Santorini says he’ll have a van ready to pick you up from the airport, that probably means he won’t.

7. It’s probably not a good idea to walk 2 miles to your hotel after dinner, especially if you really have to pee.

8. There’s not much to do in Terminal A of the Athens Airport if you’re stuck there for a 12 hour layover. We did several crossword puzzles.

BUT even with all of our travel mishaps, the trip was amazing. Probably my 2nd favorite trip of all time – 2nd only to the honeymoon in Barcelona. In Athens, we saw all of the sights in two days. And Santorini might be the coolest place in the world. And if that’s not enough, there were even a few sightings of the one, the only: Permanent Nutface Gary





(Yes I have a cool wife who is willing and even enthusiastic to take these pics.)

Quick Hands!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Quick Hands!

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