My Dad’s 70th Birthday Video

April 29th, 2008

Dad’s 70th Bday Video from lathan on Vimeo.

Yesterday was my Dad’s 70th Birthday. As a present, my sisters’ and I made a video for him. We all live all over the place (London, NYC, and West Chester, PA), so we had to film everything separately, and I had the task of editing the footage together. I have zero experience editing, but I was able to somewhat pull it off. It still doesn’t look very slick, but it’s okay for a “Latham” job I guess. The video is very long at 13 minutes, so you definitely don’t have to watch it. But hey, you get to see my awesome nephews and niece, as well as my cool sistas’. But definitely turn it off before you see me at the end. Otherwise you’ll have to sit through my excruciatingly painful performance, full of exaggerated accents that go in and out. (If you can’t tell, my Dad is into Elvis.) Also, if you can’t tell I am a huge dork-wad.

Oh yeah, also today is my wife’s birthday. She is not 70, but I still thought I’d make a special video for her as well.

3 Responses to “My Dad’s 70th Birthday Video”

  1. Kate Says:

    Have a Hunk-a Hunk-a Burning Birthday Bob Bob!!!!!!

    Great video tribute to your Poppy!

    ( I NEED to see more of the civil war re-enactment buffster! brilliant!)

    your Poppy and wife are very lucky to have you!!!!
    great job!!!!!

  2. ba Says:

    hope your wife enjoys the video for her birthday

  3. Lathan Says:

    Thanks Kate! Yeah those characters I did at the end were all new ones. That’s why my accent is all over place. But maybe I could do the Civil War guy again.

    And yeah, BA, my wife did indeed enjoy her video…

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