Ask Bobby

April 28th, 2008

Ask Bobby: Career – watch more funny videos

Above is a new video I did for called “Ask Bobby”. I first performed “Ask Bobby” live on stage at an Osgood-Schlatter Show a few years back. But with the help of one Will Hines I fine tuned it and broke it up into four parts. Will did a great job directing and editing it. Greg Tuculescu and Violet Krumbein also did a great job as the voices of the callers. Below are links to all four videos in the “Ask Bobby” series. Enjoy.

Ask Bobby: Career

Ask Bobby: Marriage

Ask Bobby: Middle East

Ask Bobby: Lightning Round

2 Responses to “Ask Bobby”

  1. Murlz Says:

    Lightning Round format is da bomb. More please.

  2. Kate Says:

    I don’t know how you get into character, hell, I swear your DNA changes between characters…

    Bobby…I love how he wads up a response and dismisses the caller in Middle East segment……towards the end…so funny.
    and how he “waits” before the mike…..I love him!

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