UCBComedy.com Has Launched

January 18th, 2008

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For those of you who don’t know about this already, UCBComedy.com has launched. This is a site full of tons of videos from the UCB Community. I originally made the short, “Lost Jogger” specifically for the site. And now it is featured on the front page of the site as “Stuff We Like”, so hey, that’s pretty cool, right? Right.

I also have a few other videos I made up on the site, and even have my own page on it. And I’m no expert on video technicality, but it’s easy to tell that the quality of the encoding is better on ucbcomedy than on youtube. Also better: the quality of the content. Stay tuned for several other videos I’ve made to be put up on the site.

[ucbt f835bc82766084cd4fb97098ed1a1356 nolink]

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