Dr. Lanny Latham on Sirius Radio

January 2nd, 2008

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Our good friend, Dr. Lanny Latham, was a special guest on a Sirius radio show today. The show was called “Sex Files,” and was part of the Maxim Radio Channel, which is Channel 108 for any of you subscribers.

Huh? Wait, back up. How did this happen? Good question. The host of the show emailed Dr. Lanny out of the blue and asked him to come on the show. Apparently, the host and everybody involved with the show truly believed Dr. Lanny Latham was a real person and more importantly, a real life coach. That’s because he is one.

Dr. Lanny arrived on set in his usual get-up: dark suit, dark t-shirt and head-set. The show was mainly about sex and relationships. And Dr. Lanny was introduced as the resident life coach on hand to give advice to any callers.

When the discussion touched on the Kegel exercise, Dr. Lanny Latham immediately jumped in and announced that he practices “The Kegel” all the time (even though he wasn’t really sure what it was.) After that, several listeners called in and kept asking Lanny specific questions about his experience with “The Kegel”, to which Lanny did his best to b.s. his way through, and even got in a quip about his Psych-odometer. Perhaps “The Kegel” will now be a vital addition to the Lanny’s patented “Get Psyched” exercises, to go along with Puppetry, Shuttle Runs, Quick Hands and Stiltwalking.

Dr. Lanny asked his trusted associate, Brandon Bassham, to film the radio gig. We got a few shots outside of the office, but they wouldn’t let us film inside the office. But hopefully I can get the audio clips of the gig. If so, I’ll post them here.

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