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July 26th, 2007

Spent a long weekend in Indiana at Niki’s parents’ lake house. It was just what the doctor ordered. And by “doctor” I’m talking about Dr. Lanny Latham of course. There was plenty of “Having Fun”, “Pumping It Up” and “Enjoying” to be had. I did, however, manage to lose my wedding ring. Whoops. It happened on the last day I was there – which was on Monday. I was swimming in the lake when Niki told me to “do quick hands”. If you’re not familiar with the concept of “Quick Hands”, it is the exercise Dr. Latham developed where you move your hands back and forth together in a very quick fashion. It is supposed to get people immediately psyched. And it always works. Except when I did it, my wedding ring immediately flew into the water and sank to the bottom. We tried looking for it forever but it must’ve been covered up by sand and we couldn’t find it. So whenever you do “Quick Hands”, and trust me, you will be doing “Quick Hands”, make sure you’re not wearing a wedding ring.

Since I’ve gotten back from Indiana, I’ve been purty busy. You could even say I’ve been “Going For It”. On Tuesday night I went to The White Stripes concert at the Garden with some Carolina buddies: Charles, Teddy and Onur. Jack White definitely adheres to the Get Psyched philosophy. You can read all about the show if you feel so inclined on Then, last night I performed at Sue Ball’s show at Mo Pitkins as Dr. Lanny Latham. And tonight I have two shows. First up is the very last “Get Psyched!” show at Rififi. I had a good run at Rififi but it’s time for Lanny to move on to bigger and better things: like his important seminars at UCBT in August. Here’s the info about tonight’s last show at Rififi:

“Get Psyched!”
Thursday, July 26th at 8 pm
Rififi (Cinema Classics)
332 East 11th Street (bt. 1st and 2nd Ave.)
Cost: $5
Hosted by Dr. Lanny Latham

Professional Comedians:
Kurt Braunohler
Kimmy Gatewood
Adam Newman
Becky Yamamoto
Dennie Nast
Lesley Tsina

Then, I am performing in Adira Amram’s show tonight as Jerry Foxworthy:

Boom Boom
Thursday, July 26th 10:30pm
The Green Room
45 Bleecker Street
btwn Bowery and Lafayette

And finally this weekend marks the 9th Annual Del Close Marathon at the UCBT. I know off hand I will be performing with Monkeydick: The Reunion Tour 2007 on Friday night at 8 pm and also with The Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe as Dr. Lanny Latham on Friday night at 12:30 am. So if you’re planning to see the Marathon, check those shows out. Can’t wait for the ‘thon to start. I better catch up on my sleep. Oh wait, too late… Better yet, maybe I should just “Drink Plenty of Fluids.”

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