The Electric Slide vs. Lathan Part 2

February 5th, 2007

Anytime I put a “Part 2″ on my post title, that means the story has gotten bigger. I don’t do it often. I think I’ve only done it once before, for the Lost in Yankee Stadium bit. But somehow this whole Electric Slide fiasco has indeed gotten bigger. Apparently, this Ric Silver guy has not only taken my video off of YouTube, he has taken down every video on there featuring the dance he “invented”, which you can can read up on here. The Ric-ster even tried to get compensation from The Ellen DeGeneres Show after Terri Hatcher performed The Electric Slide on an episode last year.

All of this begs the question: can someone copyright a dance? Well if that’s the case, I stand to make millions off of my patented “butt wiggle” dance I invented back in 2004, which you can view at the beginning of this short film here. Anybody out there who does the “butt wiggle” at any point in their life, must go through me and my team of “butt wiggle” attorneys. I don’t want generations of people in the future doing the “butt wiggle” incorrectly.

And finally, even if my video gets taken down by Ric on YouTube, I can still put it up on Vimeo…

Electric Slide on Stilts on Vimeo

3 Responses to “The Electric Slide vs. Lathan Part 2”

  1. DGenetos Says:

    Does this mean that I owe Ric since I have pics and video of people doing the Electric Slide at my wedding? Because I would happily oblige any evidence of aunts and uncles doing so…

  2. Mitch Says:

    Damn, Lathan, you’ve got some guns in that “Butt Wiggle” video.

  3. jeremiah Says:

    hi rob, i’m also a victim of ric silver’s copyright infringement. i thought i was doin the ‘bus stop’, but oh no…

    i like your butt wiggle, in response to this i invinted the sippity sip to the flippity side…

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