Eat Your Heart Out Bruce Willis

November 2nd, 2006

Exactly one year ago to the day, I was in a SugaBabes music video on stilts. I posted my experience on this site here and launched a thousand wars with legions of angry fans of the girl group. I quickly learned how feisty these SugaBabes’ fanatics can be – especially with their use of lol.

This year (a year after hangin’ with magicians and sword swallowers at an abondoned warehouse in Brooklyn), I instead rubbed shoulders with the likes of Billy Baldwin and Bruce Willis at a Rolling Stones concert at the Beacon Theatre. AND I got paid for it. What?? How is that possible? Good question. I still don’t really get it. The concert was being filmed by Martin Scorsese for a documentary on the Stones. And they wanted some energetic fans up near the stage. That’s where I came in.

I found out about the gig from a Craigslist entry that read, “See the Stones at the Beacon TONITE and get paid $75!!” It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to respond anyway. Indeed it was true. All of us “audience members” were stationed right in front of the stage. If I got these tickets the normal way, I would’ve had to pay thousands of dollars. But they were paying me. Plus we were at the Beacon Theatre, a venue that only holds 2,000 people – by far the most intimate setting you’ll ever see the Stones play in.

Right before the show began, I looked back and saw a row of famous people standing behind me including Bruce Willis, Billy Baldwin, “Miami” Stevie Van Zandt, Kelly Lynch, Mitch Glazer (Kelly’s husband), Steve Bing (dude who knocked up Elizabeth Hurley), and Fisher Stevens (dude with funny accent in Short Circuit). Sorry fellas, I’ve got better seats than you.

Of course, the show itself was amazing. They played their standards – Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Shattered, Sympathy for the Devil, Tumbling Dice, Honky Tonk Women, Start Me Up, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, etc. But they also played some lesser known gems like All Down the Line, Loving Cup (with Jack White), Far Away Eyes, Live With Me (with Christina Aquilera), You Got the Silver, and Champagne and Reefer (with Buddy Guy).   

Up close I noticed things I normally wouldn’t see at a concert. Mick basically carries the entire show on his back. But really Keith is the overall crowd favorite. Every time he’d stumble to the front of the stage, the crowd would chant, “Keeeeith!” Then he’d grin sheepishly like an old man on too much medication and wink at a girl in the front row. It was also funny to see Keith start up the beginning guitar licks for Tumbling Dice – probably before he supposed to. Mick was changing his shirt at the back of the stage and had to immediately run up to the front and start singing. But he made it in time and the band didn’t miss a beat.  

I wonder if Bruce Willis noticed that? Probably not since he was a whole two rows behind me! Ha! Take that Bruce! Maybe you should just give up on the Stones altogether if you’re gonna have shitty seats like that. There’s a band I can introduce you to. They call themselves the SugaBabes. lol…

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