Subway Rage

October 26th, 2006

I was running late this morning. I was also in an angry mood. Luckily when I got to the subway, I saw a train coming right away. But my card wouldn’t work at the turnstile. I swiped it once. A message read, “PLEASE SWIPE AGAIN AT THIS TURNSTILE.” So I swiped it again. I got the same message as before. I looked up. The train was still there waiting for me with its doors wide open. I started cursing at the turnstile: “What the fuck?!! C’mon! Work!!!!” I kept swiping my card over and over again. Finally I got a message that read, “JUST USED.” I became furious. “What? This is bullshit!!!” I jumped over the turnstile, but my foot got caught in between two of the metal bars and I fell hard. I looked over to my right. An MTA worker was sitting in a booth staring back at me. I looked to my left. Amazingly, the train was still there.

So I picked myself up and made a quick run for it. Right as I got up to the train’s doors, they closed. I stuck my foot out. The doors closed on my foot, but did not re-open. So I stood there, stupidly, with my foot wedged in between two doors, as people inside the cars stared back at me. I became angry again. “C’mon!!! Open the doors!!!” But nobody did anything. My anger turned into embarrassment as I realized I was the sole cause for the delay of hundreds of passengers. I looked around to try to avoid the passengers’ eye contact. Finally the doors opened slightly. I moved my foot, and in an instant, the doors closed. It felt like the conductor was saying, “Ha-ha! Gotcha!” The train slowly started up and drifted past me. I waited for the next train.  

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  1. Will Hines Says:

    I have had many mornings like this, sans fall.

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