a/k/a Gallagher

June 15th, 2006

Last night I attended a screening of the documentary “a/k/a Tommy Chong”. Will Becton, a friend from high school, edited the film and was a co-producer. He did a fantastic job. The film is funny, entertaining and a nice little glimpse into the bizarre political world of Operation Pipe Dreams. You should go see it. It’s playing at the Film Forum in New York now.

Of course it’s completely ridiculous that Tommy Chong served any jail-time at all, especially since he was primarily targeted because of the stoner character he plays. But actually, he’s not the only one. There are several comedians on the Goverment’s Most Wanted list for the illegal characters they play onstage. Here is a partial listing of those comedians and the crimes they commit:

1. Gallagher – Possession of a Deadly Watermelon Smasher
2. Tim Conway – Fraudulent “Dorf on Golf” Instructor
3. Carot Top – Aiding and Abetting the Use of Giant Foam Props
4. Emo Philips – Indecent Voice Inflection
5. Woody Allen – Munchausen by Proxy

Any others?

2 Responses to “a/k/a Gallagher”

  1. brent Says:

    6.Rob Lathan for his false neckbrace representation and false gay representation with his purple shoes

  2. Lathan Says:

    Touche’, my friend. Touche’.

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