My Best Simon Cowell

April 3rd, 2006

At 6:45 am this morning I did a Simon Cowell impersonation for a radio station in Minneapolis. Now some of you may be saying, “But Rob, you don’t do a Simon Cowell impersonation.” That’s a good point. I don’t do a Simon Cowell impersonation. But this morning I did do one. Or at least tried to.

The radio bit was called “Baby Idol” and I of course judged the babies rather harshly in my textbook “Cowell” way. Here’s a little sampling of how my Simon Cowell impersonation went down:
(In British accent)
“David these babies are without a doubt some of the ugliest babies I’ve seen in my life.”

Pretty good, right?

One Response to “My Best Simon Cowell”

  1. D Genetos Says:

    I’m not sure which juxtaposition of media I prefer: that you did a baby beauty contest over the radio, or that I would gauge the accuracy of your impression based on “(In British accent)”.

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