Laundry Day!

March 20th, 2006

Guess what folks? Tomorrow is Laundry Day! Yes!!! I’m already looking forward to it. Niki and I have it all planned out. Back when we both had jobs we would just drop off our bags at the local laundry mat. And they would wash and fold everything for us. But now since we’re both unemployed, we figured we’d do it ourselves to save some money. We bought detergent and fabric softener from the Dollar Store. And we’re even planning to use rolls of quarters to pay for it all. Can’t wait!

What are some activities we can do while we’re waiting for the clothes to get washed?

2 Responses to “Laundry Day!”

  1. Steph Says:

    A favorite activity of mine back when I was forced to frequent the laundromats of Hell’s Kitchen were to watch out for the disgusting things that other customers do with the washers and dryers and to remember to never use whatever washer or dryer they did it to again. I think my favorite of all time was when a homeless guy marched into the laundromat at 9th Ave. and 48th St. and shoved all of his clothes into a DRYER and proceeded to dump lots of powdered detergent in with it. Gross! Unfortunately, over a long period of time, if you actually remember which machines people do gross stuff to, you will no longer have any suitable machines left and you will have to move to the next laundromat. Luckily there were 5 within 3 blocks of my apartment.

  2. Lathan Says:

    Thanks Steph. I actually took your advice to heart and noticed a poor-man’s Gene Simmons who looked pissed off that he had to do laundry in the first place. I think he’d rather be at the Hells Angels bar on 3rd street but their dryer must of been down. He ended up taking up 3 dryers for a few pairs of socks.

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