City Nickname?

March 12th, 2006

It’s 1:22 am and I’m in my second viewing of a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert from 1975 in London on PBS that I DVR’d (Is DVR a verb yet? Like on the level of Tivo? It should be.) And I gotta tell ya, if I could go back in time I would have completely thrown away my decision to be breast fed back in 1975 in order to be a member of the E Street Band. Those dudes were rockin’ like no others.

One thing that ocurred to me while I was watching it though was how the hell did “Miami” Stevie Van Zandt get his nickname “Miami”? I mean the guy’s from Jersey, right? But then it hit me, whoever came up with that nickname was a genius. You can’t go wrong with a “city” nickname. Just stick any old Americano city in front of your name and you will instantly become a complete baddass. I should have done this years ago. Why not do it now? Which city nickname should I go with?

-”Cleveland” Rob Lathan
-”Las Vegas” Rob Lathan
-”San Antonio” Rob Lathan
-”Denver” Rob Lathan
-”Spokane” Rob Lathan
-”Grand Rapids” Rob Lathan
-”Fort Wayne” Rob Lathan

10 Responses to “City Nickname?”

  1. mitch Says:

    “Gary” Rob Lathan?

  2. Steph Says:

    I’d go with Croton-on-Hudson Rob Lathan.

  3. Josh Says:

    “Sheboygan” Rob Lathan

  4. D Genetos Says:

    “Coxsackie” Rob Lathan

  5. Dyna Says:

    “Latham” Rob Lathan.

  6. Lathan Says:

    These are all great. I actually learned some geography along the way too. Mainly I learned that there are a lot of funny sounding names of towns along the Hudson. Maybe it’s a Dutch thang? And it never said anywhere on the website what state Coxsackie was in. But I’m guessing NY. I also learned that Sheboygan is in Wisconsin. I bet people from Sheboygan get made fun of a lot.

  7. Lathan Says:

    “Latham” Rob Lathan or “Gary” Rob Lathan might be leading the pack in the Bad Idea category, which is usually the game I play. So I just might pick those. But then again I’d probably have to explain the origin each time I said my name. “Yeah call me ‘Gary’ Rob Lathan. No, Gary’s not my first name. It’s a nickname. Like the city of Gary? Nevermind. Just hand over the jewels now or I’ll shoot!”

  8. D Genetos Says:

    You’re from the south, so I don’t think that people would be too befuddled by a first name doublet (i.e., ‘Gary-Rob’).

  9. Lathan Says:

    Yeah good point. But I’d have to be “Gary Rob IV”.

  10. michelle Says:

    I’ve always been partial to “Shamokin” (which is in PA).

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