Let’s See How Many Comments We Can Get Here

March 10th, 2006

Judah from the roblathan.com marketing department said I haven’t had many comments to my posts since the Suga’Babes fiasco. So let’s see how many comments we can get here. You can post about any and everything here. Bits are encouraged. We just need to drive traffic here for corporate purposes I can explain later. So post away!

15 Responses to “Let’s See How Many Comments We Can Get Here”

  1. D Genetos Says:

    Zoe says, ‘No comment’.

  2. Justin Says:

    rly bsy rght nw

  3. Josh Says:

    That is all.

  4. Josh Says:

    My “that is all” comment is really supposed to have some images in it, but I guess you have images turned off. And I can’t blame you, really. Unless you LIKE getting the occasional porn advertisement on your blog, that is.

    But, in case you were wondering, it was the beginning of a wonderful collection of pictures of monkeys making funny faces.

  5. mitch Says:

    Professor Dumptrucks!

  6. Julian Says:

    Just doing my bit.

  7. Ryan Shaw Says:

    Tell Judah you need to get some contextual advertising up in this piece. Monetize that shit, playa!

  8. Lathan Says:

    This is what I’m tawkin’ about.

    Nice job everybody.

  9. Lathan Says:

    Were those Zoe’s first words? Congrats!

  10. Lathan Says:

    C’mn u cnt b tht bsy!

  11. Lathan Says:

    Sorry Josh. I guess my censors have something aagainst Monkeys. I fought them on it. But there were adament on it: No Monkeys! Even those from the band, The Monkees. Actually they said especially those from The Monkees. Maybe that’s really what they were censoring: the band The Monkees. Oh well.

  12. Lathan Says:

    Professor Dumtrucks is an ass.

  13. Lathan Says:

    Thanks for doing your bit Julian. Or should I say, Rob Latham?

  14. Lathan Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Ryan. I talked to Jonah and he- hey wait a second Ryan Shaw? How the hell are ya? Can I hire you to work on my site? I promise whatever they’re paying ya, I can triple it. As long as it’s not over a few bucks here and there. Or a beer. Wanna a beer? Or a Rueben? What about a Mr. Pibb?

  15. tommy Says:

    I printed this list of comments out and made it into a t-shirt. I’m selling them for 12 bucks a pop at roblathan.com — get ‘em while you can.


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