November 2nd, 2005

So I did indeed book the SugaBabes music video, amazingly enough as a “stiltwalker”. It was shot yesterday in an incredibly hard to find warehouse somewhere between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. The conditions of this warehouse were horrendous – there was no bathroom, no light, just dust and grime – enough to make Jacob Riis puke and run for cover if he had been alive to see it.

And of course within the confines of this grimey warehouse were the people that would be in the music video with me – the circus freaks. There were jugglers, mime artists, transvestites, sword swallowers, break dancers, tumblers, magicians, little people, karate experts, ballerinas, and me. When I arrived on set carrying my stilts, one of the circus freaks announced, “Hey look, it’s the stiltwalker!” So I guess I was one of them. If all of this wasn’t enough, as I went to put my stuff down, I overheard a conversation in which a guy holding a white dove said, “Yeah I’ve been in this industry for a while.” Now normally when I’m on a film shoot of somekind and somebody brings up the word “industry”, they are talking about the film or TV industry. This guy was not. He was talking about the MAGIC industry!

Now, let’s talk about the actual band, the SugaBabes. When I said earlier that they were big in the UK. I actually meant they were big in… The University of Kentucky. That was a joke. According to a few fans on set the ‘Babes are actually big in England. (Even though no one I know has ever heard of them). Some are touting them as the next Spice Girls. For a sampling of what the next Spice Girls are all about, here are the lyrics to their new song, “Ugly” (which is what the music video was for):

“when, i was 7 they said i was strange
i noticed that my eyes and hair weren’t the same
i asked my parents if i was ok
they said your more beautiful and thats the way
they show they wish they had your smile
so my confidence was up for a while
i got real comfortable with my own style
i knew they were only jealous cos

people are all the same
and we only get judged by what we do
personality reflects name
if i’m ugly then so are you, so are you”

Apparently the theme of the video was that even though “people are all the same”, we’re really different in our own way. And that’s where us circus freaks came in. When the filming begun, they lined us up. And one at a time we got in front of the camera and did our thing. When it was my turn I simply danced around as best I could on my stilts while the song, “Ugly”, with the above lyrics, inspired me. I realized then the important message: “If i’m ugly (because I’m up on these stilts), then you know what? So are you! Ha! Gotcha!”

I don’t think this video will ever air in the states. Let’s hope to God it doesn’t.

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  1. kevhines Says:

    Let’s hope to God it DOES!!!!

    Or it at least gets posted on this blog.

  2. Scott Says:

    I think if you tasted the music scene of the United Kingdom, you would be shocked at how good we are at making music…after all, we did invent the charts. The Sugababes are prime examples of original sounding bands, writing their own music and lyrics and being successful in the ongoing campaign that helps them to dominate the charts of the United Kingom, Europe, and Australasia. A track off their last album reached number one in the american dance charts and they’re willpower will one day crack America. The Sugababes are ultimately the best band around today.

  3. Sugababes lover Says:

    Did you know Sugababes were number 1 and TOP 5 in several countries of Europe and Asia with their last single, Push The Button (produced by Dallas Austin, like Ugly)?

    Did you know they had 9 top 10 hits and 4 number 1 singles in the UK?

    Did you know their new album entered at number 1 in the uk and in the top 10 in several countries of the world?

    Of course not. Usa isn’t the center of the world… especially when it comes to music. Ignorant.

    PS: I’m afraid the Sugababes’ fans are going to stalk you for the rest of your life. lol

  4. dan nz Says:

    sugababes are the best band in the world theyre songs are absolutly amazing, they sing live and write there own material!!!!how many of todays artists still do that?? they have been around since they were 14.
    american music aint great at all, the uk produces better quality bands. so usa sux!!!lol

    go the sugababes

  5. Suga_rush Says:

    Sugababes are amazing!!!!

  6. Me Says:

    I’m not going to say “the Sugababes are the best band in the world” because they’re not, but they are pretty successful all over Europe and Asia, and considering they’re now on their 4th album, they’re success is now at it’s peak! Like the other poster said, the USA isn’t the centre of the music world and thank god! Generic RnB tripe fills your billboard hot 100!

  7. Friek Says:

    lol.. look at his picture, i’d be as negative about such good things as sugababes if i were him, just to make him happy

    “But there will always be the ones who will say, something bad to make them feel great”

    ohh the greatness of the lyrics.. GOTCHA! *rolls eyes*

    yes Rob Lathan or whatever your name is, shush! Sugababes are certainly great music artists and they are one of the best bands every, my favourite band anyway.
    Maybe he’d rather not see this video released in the USA cause he looks quite stupid on stilts and would rather not be recognised in the video?

    I wish you lots of luck with your further career Rob!
    See ya


  8. DCG Says:

    Aren’t (The?) SugaBabes from the same country that thought the Spice Girls had staying power?

  9. Lathan Says:

    Hey SugaBabe fans,
    Thanks for coming over to my site.

    You know what? Now you have convinced to me to come over to your side. For the next week or so I will listen to nothing but The SugaBabes 24/7. During that time I will immerse myself in everything SugaBabes. Their music, their lyrics, their culture – all will be apart of the fabric of my life. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    As for the video, now I do hope it airs in the states. You were right – I was just worried that I’d look dumb on my stilts. When I was younger people used to always call me names when I’d walk to school on my stilts. But I’ve gotten past that now. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that it airs here.

    And finally that picture of me does look pretty bad, doesn’t it? Lol. Do you think I need to shave my mustache?


    Rob Lathan (future SugaBabe fan)

  10. Curtis Says:

    Hey Sugarbabe fans! You lot are a bloody bunch o’ knobos!

  11. Scott Says:

    Ok, tell us what you think afterwards.

  12. Robert Says:

    It’s Sugababes.
    And actually, you are the no knob.
    Judging by the title picture, Rob or whatever has a small Friek!
    Anyways, Sugababes are great and that is my opinion.
    Not yours, now fuck you!

  13. mitch Says:

    the responses to this post are hysterical. Who knew?…

    now fuck you!

  14. Will Hines Says:

    SugaBabes forever!

    Screw Rob Latham!

  15. Friek Says:

    Just to give you an indication of how big and great sugababes are;
    they are the best selling girl band group of the millenium..

    Now I hope your judgement will be different from your last one about the sugababes
    feel free to give your opinion about them, but its quite silly to have a negative opinion about them just because you had to wear stilts.. lol
    now on the other hand, i do look forward seeing the video, including you!
    i’ll recognise you by the mustage ;)

  16. Scott Mahoney Says:

    Dude!! hey Rob Lathan guy – the Sugababes played at the SAE house in Chapel Hill on Halloween 1997 and they were fuckin awesome and all the fuckin lacrosse players got naked. you don’t know shit about shit

  17. Steve Holley Says:

    Hey Sugababes fans – you guys are a bunch of Tossers. I hope the French riot into the UK and smash your guitars. fuck you

  18. Thomas Arnold Says:

    Hey Rob – What kind of loser has a blog about their stiltwalking adventures. It sounds like the Sugababes are way cooler than you, my man. Don’t even try to listen to their music becaue you’ll never “get it.” It sounds like the Sugababes rocked the house in Chapel Hill – where we you, Rob? Duke?

  19. Down with Lathan Says:

    Rob, your lack of respect for British music is indicative of the general attitude that the Great Satan, the United States, holds toward the rest of the world. May you burn with the heat of a thousand hot suns.

  20. Marshall Rich Says:

    Rob “lethal” Lathan is what America is all about people!!! Don’t you see it#$$#$ He is just a good ole southern boy trying to make a livin’ in NYC doing rock videos and stuff…Don’t judge the man until you’ve walked a mile in his stilts.

    P.S.-Sugababes Rock!

  21. Rusty from Pantana Bob's Says:

    Dear Mr. Latham,

    If I were as ugly as you, I’d walk down the street wearing an orange construction barrel to cover my ugly mug. If I were as dumb as you, I would do it on stilts. The Booga Suga Babes are an institution in my beloved UK. They are a way of life, a life of fish and chips, rainy days, chicks with bad teeth, and men with tiny dongs.

  22. Suga Knight Says:

    Did you get to meet the babes at all? I bet you’d really change your mind about their music if you got to hang with them! They are the coolest grrrls ever! Plus, I heard you could get a whole stilt into the blonde one’s gash.

  23. Scott Says:

    Have you listened to the songs yet?

    And, the Sugababes weren’t formed until 1999 (well to perform anyway, no songs had been recorded fully)

  24. Sugababe Says:

    The Sugababes do make really good music. I would check out “Freak Like Me”, “Round Round” and “Hole In The Head”, to name a few. They’re pretty big in the UK considering they had an album debut at number 1 at the same time their single spent 3 weeks at number 1 on the singles chart. In the last month or so too.

    The UK charts are a lot more “open” than the American ones, where only R&B and rap seems to fly. America isn’t the centre of the music world, and Americans shouldn’t be so arrogant to think so. You could try opening up to other cultures and countries once in a while?

    Coming from a country that has Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears topping the charts, do you really think the country knows anything about good taste or even good music?

    Plus the Sugababes aren’t the next Spice Girls as Girls Aloud are. They even have a ginger member.

  25. DRURY Says:

    Ok, Firstly everyone needs to chill out a bit!

    Secondly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion ESPECIALLY regarding music… There is too much variety out there for everyone to love it all. Everyone is different!!!

    And lastly, why do people feel the need to start getting racist simply because other people have expressed their opinions????

    Surely that contradicts everything?????

    I am going to say this because it needs to be said… But the Sugababes ARE absolutely F**King fantasic! I was lucky enough to catch them live recently and they were excellent.

    As much as I agree that the American market is very one dimensional based on HipHop/Rock orientation. America has produced some wicked talented music/artists in the past! Green Day & Scissor Sisters to name just a few!

    But of course the scissor sisters just like Anastacia have not cracked the US charts… why? Because the charts are dominated by RnB & Tacky Actress turned singers!! However the rest of the world has welcomed the music no problem…

    The Sugababes have had 4 excellent albums and have had a successful chart run all over the world – so all I can say is America is missing out.

    I am gonna contradict myself though because I am not a fan of the new single Ugly & the video is pretentious shit but you know whats ironic…?

    It was written, recorded & directed by an american and even recorded in fucking NYC??? What does that tell you?????

    Now I love America – I have family there and go often, (hate the fact they think they rule the world) but at the end of the day the UK use to rule the world and look where that got us????

    Also remember France sucks and will never have the brains to invade the UK with a president like Jacque! And remember the british have made a massive impact on every nation and continue to prove to be the most diverse and open minded race… We also led the world when it came to music… The best bands are british and the bigger non-british bands wish they were british…

    Give the girls a break and simply stick to the best british motto…

    Like it or Lump it!!!!

    No one is forcing anyone to like them!

    Big Up the UK!

  26. Da Moils Says:

    What the crap is going on here? Who the bejesus is spending valuable time defending the SugaNads? Holy balls. I just had all of my suspicions about blogging confirmed . . . it’s wicked gay.

  27. FluffyBB Says:

    The Sugababes are pretty good, I like their music. But that’s not why I came across this. The Ugly video, just saw it on The Box, fit FIT punk/gothicy kinda guy on it. Dressed in black, black funky hair, stood with one of the Sugababes and sort of threw something – like skimming a pebble sort of thing…
    Mr Rob, do you know which one I’m talking about? Did you speak to him? Do you know him? If you do pass him onto me cos I wanimbaaaaaaad!

  28. rob Says:

    sorry that everyone is jumping down your throat rob!…that sounded weird to say (same name n all…ne ways) i agree everyon is entitled to their own opinion, and though i hope you give Sugababes a try b/c personally i think they make good music, if you end up not liking them that should be your decision.
    p.s. i think it’s supercool u were one of their vids! especially the last vid w/ex-member mutya!

  29. RobLathan'smother Says:

    Rob your an idiot. may you rot in hell. that is all.

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