Overheard in My Apartment

September 21st, 2005

Delivery Guy: The total is $21.87.
Guy#1: There you go. Keep the change.
Delivery Guy: Thanks.
Guy#2: Hand me a slice a’ that Pepperoni. I’m starving.
Morgan Freeman: Hey, where are the Buffalo Chicken Kickers? You see any Kickers in there?
Guy #1: No.
Morgan Freeman: Did Domino’s forget the Kickers again? Christ Allmighty, they’re always forgetting the damn KICKERS !!! I mean, how hard can it be? Ahh!! (throws remote against wall) I’ve had it with these imbiciles! (kicks chair) I’m never ordering from Domino’s again! Where are my Kickers? Huh? (grabs pizza box and smashes it on ground and continues stomping on it) WHERE. ARE. MY. KICKERS???!!! WHERE. ARE. MY. KICKERS???!!! WHERE. ARE. MY. KICKERS???!!!
Guy #2: Chill, Freeman.

-overheard by Rob Lathan

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